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'NERF THIS, PLEASE!' :iconsharky-b:Sharky-B 451 54
Mature content
Belle in the Asylum (Beauty and the Beast) :iconmrobscura101:MrObscura101 51 18
Mature content
Mercy Is In Hell (Overwatch) :iconhazardqueen:HazardQueen 145 42
Mature content
Tathryl and the Tickletrap Tree :iconfaile35:faile35 408 29
Princess Gail's Ticklish Encounter With Luna
Introduction: Another Boring Afternoon
Princess Gail sat in her personal chambers. It was a beautiful, warm and sunny afternoon. She was relaxing in a large chair that was positioned
near an open window, giving the beautiful princess a perfect view of the sprawling lands surrounding her Kingdom. Gail was a direct heiress of
the Queen. Soon enough, she would inherit this castle and all the towns that were built within it's borders. With a sigh, she gazed up at the
crystal clear blue sky. There wasn't a cloud to be seen for miles. A soft breeze blew by and into her window, causing her long dark colored hair
to flutter about behind her.
She was dressed in an extravagant dark red colored gown that flowed down
:iconalistairvalentine:AlistairValentine 5 0
Mature content
Lorraine's Tickle Torture by two Intruders :icondesirerofgod:DesirerOfGod 4 0
Mature content
No mercy :iconlapot4421:Lapot4421 76 0
Overtickles :icondazidentevil:DazidentEvil 1,244 88
A Resident, 8-Legged, Ticklish Evil
“Wow… It’s been so many years, but the remains are still so clean,” a petite girl spoke, her voice lightly echoing in the clearing of the forest. She was tromping through planks of charred wood, incinerated furniture, smoke-stained glass that sat inside a surprisingly large crater in the earth.
“Yeah. It’s almost eerie,” said a deeper feminine voice replied, also trudging through the wreckage. She used her feet, clad in heavy boots to lift and push large chunks of ruined material, checking underneath and around them all. Her badge glinted in the dying sunlight, shifting on the chest of her uniform as she turned this way and that, scanning and examining their surroundings.
“Almost...” Rebecca laughed girlishly, drawing a flashlight from her belt and flicking it on, wanting more light in the waning day. Their mission was simple; bodies have started washing up near the outskirts of Raccoon City, and they needed to investigate the area.
:iconmavenofclockwork:MavenOfClockwork 34 5
I support Tickle Torture :iconsozokureed:SozokuReed 474 166 Tickle Lover 4 Ever :iconmoriona-broazic:Moriona-Broazic 18 1 Tickle Stamp :iconsue-zan:Sue-Zan 76 193 Tickle Torture Roleplayer :iconjasonkrix:JasonKrix 19 11
Mature content
Nightmarishly ticklish :iconsheut5:sheut5 11 9
Feathered Fanged Bound Beauty - Halloween 2015 :iconpsylisiadragoon:PsylisiaDragoon 245 45 POV Surround By Monster Girls - Inks - Hallo 2015 :iconpsylisiadragoon:PsylisiaDragoon 85 25


Ever since I was a little girl, I've always dreamed about being a powerful sorceress or warrior! I love having the chance to RP as powerful and beautiful characters from all sorts of different universes, and occasionally I might RP as myself with someone I trust. I've always fantasized about RPing the 'lee. m/f, f/f, or even more creative ticklers like plants or magic... I'm open to trying anything. 

I just ask for a few things:

- Be creative with setting, storyline, et cetera... I get bored quickly if RP is just "I tickle your feet" "HAHAHAHA!"
- Use longer posts with maybe at least 2 or 3 sentences per post if we're RPing a scene! If you're just being silly, that's a different story.
- Be respectful and maybe we can have a chat OOCly so we can steer the RP towards something we both enjoy!

Send me those notes! 


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Just a small town Canadian girl with a secret tickling fetish! I love reading books, especially fantasy novels, and the internet helps me live out my fantasies!

Tickle Torture Roleplayer by JasonKrix I support Tickle Torture by SozokuReed Tickle Lover 4 Ever by Moriona-Broazic


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